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Sep 27, 2019

Balance and finding balance is such a trending topic. What does balance actually look like, and is it possible? The definition of balance is that elements are evenly and proportionally distributed. I don't know about you, but I know in my life, my home, my business, and my kids never stay even and steady. Things are...

Sep 26, 2019

My husband, Soren, joins me today as we share our in-depth story of how we started Nickel & Suede. Listen in to hear about what we were doing before N&S, how the first pair was created, what we thought Nick & Suede's future would look like and more! 

Sep 26, 2019

You may know me as the founder and CEO of Nickel & Suede, the Kansas City based accessories company that started the leather statement earring movement. Today's episode is a look into how I got to where I am today, by pushing past fear and stepping out of my comfort zone.